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  • rapid setting/ non shrink concrete repair product
  • use on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • fully cured in less than 2 hours
  • tight bong to concrete structures
  • can be extended


HP Multi Purpose Repair Mortar

HP Multi Purpose Repair Mortar is a single component, high early strength repair mortar designed for use in repairing stucco, elevated concrete slabs and slabs on grade. HP Multi-Purpose Repair Mortar combines the latest concrete technologies and high quality raw materials to yield a long lasting, high strength, durable concrete repair anywhere long down times cannot be tolerated. Apply HP Multi-Purpose Repair Mortar on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

HP Multi-Purpose Repair Mortar can be used on spillways, stucco surfaces, industrial floors, wearing surfaces, and elevated concrete slab.

Packaging: 55 lb bags – 56/pallet

2000 lb Bulk Bags Available!


Ask about US Concrete Product availability in 2000 lb bulk bags for efficiency on big jobs.

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